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At Traffic Sense we know that our clients are under pressure. Producing solutions that conform to existing and anticipated regulations and that will last well into and beyond the 21st century requires vision and expertise – that’s what our clients do best. But a critical part of project planning depends on accurate data collection and analysis – that’s what Traffic Sense does best.

Traffic Sense’s quality control checks assure data integrity. Our employment practices and policies, including health and safety, training, environmental and equal opportunities policies, ensure a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Key to the service is the experience and professionalism of our senior management team that ensures the timely delivery of accurate study results and intelligent analysis. Attention to detail is maintained throughout, with the final report transferred in the client’s preferred digital or presentation format.

Company Overview

Traffic Sense, established in 1996, was the response to an age where precision planning is critical for successful infrastructure development. Its technical expertise, project experience and its high service standards have ensured significant success and a big demand for its services.

Traffic Sense provides a wide range of services such as data collection surveys with including roadside interviews and use of IT and video technology, as well as traffic management.


Recent traffic data collection projects and studies include:

Anfield, stadium relocation

West Sussex Roadside Interviews

Sheffield FC, Bramall lane

Liverpool Pdi Mircosimulation

St Austell Town Study

Dewsbury Hospital

York, city centre roadside surveys

Southport, park and ride

Chester, bus lane designation